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Whether you are looking for better job prospects or simply want to increase your knowledge in a particular field, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) program will lead you to the path where you wish to go. But before you sit in the MBA entrance test 2016 or attend any MBA fair, it’s imperative to know about the distinct MBA programs available to evaluate your requirements and goals. The following information will provide you an overview of the different types of MBA programs.

1. Full-Time MBA

Full-time MBA is a regular two years management program where students need to attend weekday classes at a business school. A large number of colleges and universities offer this type of program. Students need not require a working experience to pursue the course.

2. Accelerated MBA Program

The accelerated MBA program is a shortened version of the full-time management degree. It involves intensive class schedule and higher course load along with less time in between semesters. This type of MBA program typically lasts for one year.

3. Part-Time MBA

This type of program is perfect for working professionals as it allows the individuals to attend classes only on weekends or weekday evenings. Though, this type, of course, takes more time to complete than the regular program.

4. Executive MBA Program

Experienced working professionals who cannot afford to take a prolonged time away from their career can undergo an executive MBA program. This course goes for a period of about 12 to 24 months and allows participants to study while they work.

5. Distance Learning MBA Program

Working professionals can also opt for distance learning MBA program. This course allows the individual to attend classes through Interactive video sessions and teleconferencing. Pre-recorded videos and online or offline courses are some of the other ways to study for this program. IGNOU and Symbiosis are some of the renowned universities that offer distance learning MBA program in India.

6. Global Executive MBA Program

Global MBA is basically a combined program between distinct universities of the same university located in distinct corners of the world. This way, students can not only experience a different classroom environment but a distinct country and culture as well. It is a more competitive business program and therefore a bit expensive.

The purpose of cracking the entrance test for MBA and pursuing the course is to earn a specialization in the area you want. For this, you need to consider all these types of MBA programs mentioned above along with the college or university that offers the particular program. Remember, MBA programs are quite expensive, especially those offered by the top-rated colleges of the country. Hence, look for financing options like grants and scholarships and save loads of money during the course of your program. Student or education loan is another way of attaining financial support while pursuing the program.